Complaints process

At Spitfire Homes we continually aim to deliver a quality service in all areas. In the instance that we fall short of this, you may with to make a complaint. Should you do so, your complaint will be dealt with in line with the following process.


Step one: Written acknowledgement

Within five working days of receiving your complaint, we will provide an acknowledgement of receipt.

Step two: Path to resolution letter

Within 10 days of your complaint, we will respond in writing with a ‘path to resolution’ outlining how we intend to investigate the complaint.

Step three: Complaint assessment and response letter

No later than 30 days after receiving your complaint, we will send you a complaint assessment and response letter. This letter will detail the actions we will take to address the issue(s) identified, along with timescales for achieving this – if an item requires further investigation, we will provide you with a timeframe for providing a further update. Alternatively, if Spitfire Homes does now accept your complaint, we will provide a clear explanation of our reasoning.

Step four: Eight-week letter

If the complaint is not resolved within 8 weeks, we will provide you with a further update including a summary of what action has been taken to date, details of what is still outstanding, a reason why and the actions to be taken. We shall also outline a timeframe for when the complaint will be settled.

Closure letter

Once your complaint has been dealt with, you will be issued with a closure letter detailing a list of the items agreed in the complaint assessment and response letter and confirmation that each item has been resolved.



Spitfire Homes is a registered developer with the New Homes Quality Board. The above complaints process is in line with the New Homes Quality Code, designed to provide fair and consistent standards for purchasers of new homes.