New Community Fund to Underpin Sustainable Futures Strategy

Spitfire Homes, in partnership with parent company IM Properties, is launching a new Community Fund of up to £100,000 built on the success of its existing project funds, supporting organisations in the areas they invest and develop.


The IMP fund will be administered by the Heart of England Community Foundation, a partnership which has flourished since it began managing the company’s Peddimore Community Fund in 2019, connecting it to local groups who make a difference to people living happier and healthier lives.

The aim of the new fund will be to empower the IMP team to give back further to organisations within the communities they live and work, in addition to reinforcing our Sustainable Futures framework for operating as a socially responsible company.


Funding decisions will be made by a staff panel of colleagues from across the business who have committed to giving their time to training and reviewing applications to assess grants and award funding to applications that are aligned to IMP’s three key pillars – People Planet and Place.


Grants of up to £2,500 can be applied for on a quarterly basis by organisations looking for support on projects that meet the eligibility criteria of promoting positive change, strengthening communities, and enhancing the natural environment.


Tina Costello, CEO of the Heart of England Community Foundation, says IM Properties is part of a growing tide of market leading businesses who are using their influence to bring about positive change:

“Increasingly we’re beginning to understand the importance of community and the need to give back to society and for companies to support and sustain the people and places they invest in.


“Having worked alongside IM Properties for some time now and chatting to them over the past 18 months it was clear they wanted to do something bigger and replicate the success of their project funds across a wider geographical area.


“The great difference with this fund is that the decisions are made by their employees who can then go out and see the tangible difference the funding is making.”


Kerry Amory, Social Value Manager for IM Properties, agrees and adds:

“We’ve done a significant amount of work on developing our Sustainable Future’s framework and social value strategy.


The launch of the IMP fund and staff panel will give further ownership to our people and service lines, ensuring we’re all on the journey together.


“We already encourage our team and supply chain to make a difference in the communities we work to deliver more value as a business and leave a beneficial legacy, supporting them in volunteer work.


“The fund takes a conscious step to further underpin our narrative and stay focused on what we believe matters most, widen our reach and help more organisations to continue the vital work they do within communities.”


IM Properties has already funded £453,272 to its existing Community Funds, supporting over 84 grassroots organisations and 129 projects within the communities it invests and develops in throughout the region.


To apply to the Community Fund, click the button below.

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