Exploring the Mortgage Market with New Homes Mortgage Services

Following last week’s Bank of England base rate review, and the subsequent media coverage, we caught up with New Homes Mortgage Services for an update on the current mortgage market.


Although the base rate itself has remained the same at 5.25%, many lenders have actually reduced their rates in recent weeks. Since the beginning of August, six of the biggest high street lenders have each reduced their rates on multiple occasions.


Several lenders are now offering fixed term mortgages with an interest rate below 5%, including: Virgin, Nationwide, HSBC and Santander.


New Homes Mortgage Services is an independent mortgage advisory service offering free mortgage advice to Spitfire Homes customers, whether you’re a firsttime buyer or home mover.


New Homes Mortgage Services also offer a helpful Mortgage Rate Check service. If interest rates improve before your purchase completes, New Homes can switch you to a better rate, and if they rise thereafter, you can have peace of mind knowing that your mortgage rate is secure.


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