Discounted Market Value Properties at Pembleton

In order to meet the housing demand in Kislingbury, a selection of properties on offer at Pembleton have been defined as Discounted Market Value homes, and will be available to purchase at 70% of the open market value.
These properties are available exclusively to those that meet pre-defined criteria, outlined below.

Purchasers must fall under one of the following categories:


a) has been living in the parish of Kislingbury for a minimum of 3 years immediately prior to allocation and/or purchase;

b) has previously lived in the parish of Kislingbury for a minimum of 3 of the last 10 years;

c) has close relatives currently living in the parish of Kislingbury and who have lived there for a minimum of 3 years; close relatives are defined as parents. children, siblings, grandparents or grandchildren (including step-relatives);

d) has been employed in a permanent capacity, full or part-time, within the parish of Kislingbury for a minimum of 1 year;

e) In the event that no such person is available the prescribed Local Connection Criteria will apply in order of priority to the parishes of Rothersthorpe, Bugbrooke or Harpole;

f) anywhere else within the West Northamptonshire area;

g) any other person(s) that the Owner and/or the Council consider to be in need of such accommodation


Discounted Market Value Homes at Pembleton:

No.29 Inwood – 2 Bedrooms

No.30 Inwood – 2 Bedrooms

No.31 Flitcroft – 3 Bedrooms

No.32 Flitcroft – 3 Bedrooms


For more information about Discounted Market Value homes or any of the properties on offer at Pembleton, please submit an enquiry below to be contacted by a Sales Consultant